Sunday, February 1, 2009

Speedi Worm

No, it's not a new food stuff.   Nor a new product.   It's just a well practiced process.

Every two months, we worm our horses.   We use the same routine at the same time of night, a routine which the horses have come to know, anticipate, and help us execute without stress or issues.

After giving evening hay and topping up the waters, Georg and I work our way through the barn.   One by one, we halter each horse, squirt the mildly pleasant apple flavoured dewormer into their mouth, instantly provide a cup of sweet grain, unhalter, and move on.

The horses know the routine so well that they stand at their feed buckets waiting to be haltered, wormed, and given their extra grain treat.

Tonight, we performed the job at an average rate of 1 minute per horse!   Now, THAT is speedi worming!

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