Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Dangers of Wonderful Weather

Today, we were treated to a preview of spring.   Temperatures topped out briefly at 67 degrees on the farm according to our little Weather Channel weather station.   67!   Truly incredible.

And with that, two long awaited projects swung into action.   First, picking up the collection of winter poos in the pastures.   This is a necessary week long chore usually undertaken once the snow melts.   But, with the gorgeous weather, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get started.

Second, and concurrent to the pasture work, involved thoroughly watering the indoor arena.   Not just a sprinkle, but a real good soaking which hasn't been done since the fall.

After getting the watering started, I drove my fun little Honda Rancher ATV with the little John Deere dump trailer out to the pastures.   Melting down a bit, the snow was not too deep and the ATV was able to travel along just fine.   After gaining lots of confidence in the ATV, I decided to see if I could get the poo to the big poo pile out on the back 40 behind the indoor arena.   Sure enough, I got out there and dumped the poo.   However, as I started to drive back up towards the barns, I hit a deep spot.   And got well and truly stuck.   Stepping off the ATV, I sunk down over 20 inches into heavy wet snow.   Ugh.

Dressed for Spring, enjoying the unseasonably warm air and bright sunshine, it felt like anything was possible.   So, I walked back towards the house, moved the sprinkler as I passed the arena, and got into our Dodge 2500 Heavy Duty 4 x 4 pickemuptruck.   Aka "The Beast".   We would pull the little ATV out of the snowdrift area and get it back onto solid ground.

That was the plan.

Having learned the snow depths around the area where the ATV sat patiently, I drove the truck clear of the deep areas.   A long tow rope would be used.   Getting there was easy.   Turning around and positioning.   Easy.   Testing the run back before hooking up a tow line, there was no grip in the snow!   And the ever so slight incline of the land was not helping matters.

After working up a sweat shovelling & sanding, and making it half way back to the cleared roadway, I gave up.   Tomorrow morning, a neighbor friend and his trusty John Deere farm tractor will save the day.   Again.

That is the plan.