Saturday, February 21, 2009

Riding Ben

Today, for the third time, I rode Big Ben.   Until he is better at working in driving lines, we are still at the early stage of just posing for photos....

...and going for "pony rides".   Sure, I know "pony ride" photos are not exactly exciting news.   Unless you are the pony's mom.   :-)

But then, Big Ben is only 2 years, 10 months old.   And still growing like a weed!   We have nothing but time ahead of us.

What's important right now is that Ben is becoming accustomed to the idea that humans can sit on him, and not just in his stall when he's lying down.   :-)   All while he's still unfit, unbalanced, and a bit unsure about this new activity.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue working in long lines, "driving" around the arena, developing responsiveness to verbal commands, and getting "pony rides".   We have no deadlines to chase.   Just positive experiences to share.   It's a precious time for the young horse and his first trainer.

(Thanks to Kyle for capturing these photos for us!)

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