Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Perfect Storm

Once again, we are getting hit by a wintery storm.   When checking the horses at 10:30 tonight, we had to trudge through 4 inches of new snow.

A quick pass up and down the driveway with the plow soon looked pretty pitiful with the snow still falling quite heavily.   But, according to Chief Meteorologist Mike Haddad on WMUR News 9, the back edge of the storm is not far away and hopefully, when all is said and done, we should top out somewhere between 6 and 9 inches total.   Fingers crossed.

Best part, however, is that the storm will have completely passed by the time we turn out the horses after breakfast.   Snug and comfortable in their stalls all night, this storm has no impact on them or their schedules.   Tomorrow, they will have sunshine, fresh snow to roll and play in, and lots of hay to munch on in the pastures.   Now THAT is a perfect storm.

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