Friday, February 6, 2009

Saddle Training

October.   Mere months ago.   We had GORGEOUS weather and no bugs.   It was simply marvelous, and some will say, the most perfect of New England weather.

On the farm, October 2008 was a little milestone for our youngsters.   Big Ben is shown below, learning to wear a saddle at the age of 2 years, 6 months.   Using the pastures where the babies and their pals are turned out as the training venue, they do not experience the same levels of stress that occur when being pulled from the field (and friends), taken to a secluded site, and trained.   Nope, we worked with the babies in the field.   And their pals watched.

In dead of winter, with temps dropping into the single digits Fahrenheit (and a few times below zero!), the amount of training we do is limited.   But this coming weekend, temperatures are going to SOAR into the high 30's, maybe even the 40's.   Translation:   HEAT WAVE!   :-)   And with that, another great opportunity to continue saddle training the kids.

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