Monday, June 15, 2009

Bird Eat Bird World

This week, we are happy to have visiting family from the Black Forest of Germany.   Georg's mom, "Oma", and his eldest sister Beate are enjoying a rather unique farm vacation!

Part of the fun of life at Kearsarge Meadows involves seeing the livestock that live here.   Of course this includes the pampered horses, friends' sheep and lambs who summer here, our egg laying chickens, and our newest critters, baby turkeys.

In less than 5 months time, the young poults will gain anywhere from 35 to 50 pounds.   In November, they will be the guests of honour at Thanksgiving Dinners in both Warner New Hampshire and Dunstable Massachusetts.

Having European guests gives us a fun opportunity to have an early Thanksgiving Dinner.   And so we stuffed and cooked a lovely little (14.5 pound) turkey, prepared 4 different autumn vegetables, and provided the usual fixings.   And of course, there was pumpkin pie.

With Ian Grey, our African Grey, suggesting "Who wants Turkey?" and interjecting lots of comments of "Gut Gut Guten Tag!!!", we all enjoyed a late afternoon feast.   Even Ian who truly enjoys eating turkey.