Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Green Grass, Blue Sky

Is it possible to have too much grass on a horse farm?   Hardly!   But what a wonderful "problem" to have!   :-)

Fabulous May weather has caused the grass pastures to grow really well again.   Of course, good pasture management is part of the overall formula.

Lime.   Fertilizer.   Controlled use of the fields.   Mowing, mowing, and more mowing!   All of these things have helped our fields become the lush greenlands that they are today.

Later this week, sheep will be moved into this field which is viewable from our Kearsarge Mountain webcam.   And occasionally, we let horses into the plusher pastures for some afternoon feasts.

Such a difference from only 8 weeks ago when white snow dominated this view.   But for now, it is green.   The songbirds love it.   The horses love it.   The sheep love it.   Our boarders love it.   We love it.

Today, the view is green.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Milk Snake

Sometimes farm life includes encounters with wildlife.   Twice in the past couple weeks, we have had such experiences with a "Milk Snake".   This one is not particularly large, as one can tell in comparison to the rather healthy May crab grass, but it was surprisingly easy to agitate.

Now I'm not a huge snake fan, but I must admit, this one is quite....   well...   pretty.   And knowing that it lives off small rodents, one has to agree it must be a good thing to have around in the fields and woods.

Assuming it manages to avoid capture by a hawk or other predator, maybe we'll see this fellow again one day...

Friday, May 8, 2009


So, maybe it's sad, but it is true.   I love to mow!

But only because we have a Husqvarna Lawn Tractor.   A riding mower.   A true joy.   A wonderous machine.   My personal time machine.

Yes, put me on my Husky, with a full tank, and I can go for miles and hours, hours and miles.   Georg knows I am gone....

My boarders love my work.   Groomed riding trails around the property.   My neighbors probably like the work as well.   A tidy grass area around the outdoor dressage arena.   And of course, the lawn benefits...

I have enjoyed my jobs in the computer industry, programming, providing support, managing, and directing.   But mowing provides a level of instant satisfaction that none of those roles ever could.

I really love mowing.   Time Travel Season has arrived!