Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to Kearsarge Meadows' Blog

On May 2, 2005, Kearsarge Meadows LLC was registered with the New Hampshire Department of State.   Since then, we have been providing board, horse training, and rider training for the local equestrian community.

During our first years here, we have kept things quite low key while we invested in the farm, formerly known as Elm Farm, and more recently, Runaway Farm.   Some of the improvements include:
  • Pasture renovations
  • Additional pasture shelters
  • New outdoor dressage arena
  • Sand & rubber footing in the indoor &outdoor arenas
  • Screened windows in the stable area
  • Bright stable lighting
Now, as 2009 gets underway, we are working to expand the business.   This will include us hosting our first schooling dressage competitions once the trailer parking area is ready.   Also, lesson hours will expand to include weekdays.   And Kimberley will be more available for judging, clinics, and lessons at locations in New Hampshire.

Hopefully this is viewed as good news for the local New Hampshire equestrian community.