Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 NEDA Omnibus

Winter blues so are easily crushed with the arrival of the NEDA (New England Dressage Association) Omnibus.

The 2009 issue arrived this week.   Before I even left the parking lot of the post office, I opened it up and soon found Kearsarge Meadow's full page ad on page 37.   Aside from the fact that the publishers goofed a little and used the 2008 ad instead of the 2009 ad submitted to them, it's still good to see....

Doing advertising is something I had to get my head around when we started the Kearsarge Meadows business.   However, I enjoy the design work involved.   I use Open Office, "The Free and Open Productivity Suite", to do all my presentations, spreadsheets, and advertisements.

Enough advertising for today.   Now we return to our regularly scheduled program.     :-)

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