Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Refusing to Perpetuate Gloom & Doom

In broad financial terms, Holy Moly!, what a century it has been so far!   First the bubble burst, with a resounding Dot KaaaBoooom!   I personally lost A LOT of money on the stock market.   Ouch!   Then the USA was attacked and the US started (or continued?) spending bilions of dollars on yet another war.   More recently, the big financial institutions broke all their piggy banks.   And the auto makers cried that they weren't making profits.   Of course, as usual, the government is blamed and now Tea Parties are coming back into fashion.

Closer to home, we feel the financial down turn as well.   My former employer, Sun Microsystems, was bought out after way too many unprofitable quarters.   Several rounds of layoffs impacted tens of thousands of employees across the globe.   After 20 years of service, most recently as a Director, I was laid off as well.

Thank you for your contributions.   Good luck finding a new job.

And Kearsarge Meadows feels the pinch as well.   The price of good quality shavings, used for bedding for the horses, has continued to raise in price over the past 5 years.   Thankfully, the price of good quality local hay has not increased at the same rate.   Horse owners who can still afford to own horses are tightening their belts, budgeting less dollars for lessons, shows, and board.

But even with the income slowing down, we are still paying our employees, matching Medicare & FICA contributions, paying taxes, and buying insurance.   And, as promised when we hire them, our employees still get their well deserved pay raises in thanks for their continued good work.

Thanks go to our wonderful clients who continue to give us their custom, allowing us to stay in business, and continue staffing excellent horse loving employees.   Together, we continue to see through and beyond the gloom and doom.

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