Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing Ball

With nasty weather rolling through, today was a great day to stay indoors and enjoy some quiet time with the horses.   This included spending extra time doing pre-spring makeovers, grooming and shedding out some of the shaggy winter coats, removing any little knots in the tails, and tidying up manes.   Old and young all enjoyed the TLC, nearly falling asleep in the cross-ties.   It was all very chilled out, low key, and relaxing.

After a snack, Jeddien and I did a bit of ridden work in the arena.   To cool down afterwards, we played with the Parelli ball.

Playing with the huge inflated ball is a unique way to help the horses learn new skills and become calmer about new things.

Jeddien pushes the ball around with her nose and her legs.   And like a good ball player, she can kick the ball with both her left foot and her right.   Sure, it might seem a bit goofy, but it's a good laugh we enjoy together!     :-)

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