Friday, August 21, 2009

New School Season = New Evening Grooms

"What happened to Summer?", seems to be the favorite question around these parts.   With June and July being a total wash out, August is providing the only true taste of summer.   And September is only 10 days away!

With the new school season starting up, we will be saying "So long & good luck!" to two of our employees, both of whom work in the afternoon / evening shift bringing in the horses and feeding dinner.   One is off to College!   Congratuations!   The other is entering the High School Senior year and will be deciding which College or University to attend after that.   Both will be missed!

We're now looking for 1 or 2 local people to replace these great kids.   It's a good physical job for someone with horse experience who wants to earn a bit of cash working no more than 2 hours per day on a friendly, beautiful horse farm.

If interested, contact us via our farm website,

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