Sunday, August 23, 2009

Henniker Chili Fest

We will remember the weekend of August 22 -23, 2009 for two key events.

First, this was the weekend Hurricane Bill skimmed past New England, given those on along the shorelines a bit of excitement, but no real troubles.

Second was the Henniker Rotary Club's Annual Chili Fest at Pat's Peak.

The Henniker Chili Fest is a great afternoon out, with it's Classic Car Show, BBQ, arts & crafts vendors, and of course, the famous chili cookoffs. The 2000 or so people who attend the event, get to taste test over 40 chilis, then cast their votes for their favorites. And despite all of the threats of foul weather, the clouds held onto their rain until we got back home again.

We tasted between 30 and 40 different chilis. An ounce of each. Yes, that's approximately a QUART of chili. Our votes went to "Vindaloo", who used a lot of Indian spices to give their chili a very unique taste, and "Chappin" who had a very sweet chili.

We are already looking forward to the 2010 Henniker Rotary Club's Chili Fest.

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