Friday, July 10, 2009

Hiring Farm Employees

One of the challenging areas of owning any business is in the recruitment and hiring of good people with the right skills and attitude to do the job and represent the business with pride.   Whether a high tech firm, a medical centre, a super market, or a horse farm, finding good staff is always critical to the success of a business.

(From the website in Ontario Canada)

In general, we have been lucky in finding employees who have the knowledge, passion, and skills needed to provide the horses and our clients with the kind of care they need, deserve, and have come to expect.   Some people stay with us for years and some only for a few months.   No matter how long they are on the payroll, the good ones are a joy to have working on the farm.

As with all companies, we also run into our share of "misfits", people who do not care...   They don't last long at all.

At this time, we are expecting one of our fabulous employees to move on to another job in the next few weeks.   And so once again, we will be looking for the next right person to fill their muck boots.

It's actually hard work, recruiting.   It takes time & money to advertise, time to interview, and even more time to through the required paperwork, including IRS and U.S. Department of Justice forms.   But, when the right person comes along, it's worth it.

So, we are hiring again...   We hope to continue to find good horse people in the Warner area to join the team at Kearsarge Meadows.

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