Friday, July 31, 2009

Got Rain?

April 2009 was stunning in New Hampshire!   May was pretty spectacular as well.   June and July, however, have been the rainiest &coolest summer months in a very long time.   So bad, in fact, that we have not had a BBQ in weeks.

With our farm on a hilltop, our pastures usually dry out very quickly after a storm.   But with so many storms stacking up like airplanes on final approach into Oshkosh, even the highest hilltops stay saturated a lot longer.   Fortunately, we somehow keep managing to squeeze in a few mowing hours here and there, allowing us to tidy up the pastures, our groomed riding trails, and of course, the front lawn.   But it is a challenge!

I don't mind riding my dressage horses in a light cooling misty rain.   But the kind of rain we have been having for the past couple months has even driven me to ride in the indoor arena more than the outdoor arena.   And on the few days that we have had hot sunshine, the humidity that arises from the saturated ground has been another good to avoid the outdoors!

While the horses, chickens, and turkeys don't seem to mind the AWOL summer season, our garden areas sure do.   The vegetables, grapes, and hops are all crying out for warmth & sunshine, and lots of it.   And I know our pooch would rather see more dry days on the calendar.   She is definitely not a water dog.

Tomorrow, August 2009 arrives.   The Meteorologists at WMUR Channel 9 promise it will begin with stunningly beautiful weather.   Here's hoping we will see lots of great August weather!   Until then, folks in town are maintaining their smiles, pointing out that "at least it's not snow!"

Got rain?   Too much rain?   We understand how it feels....

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