Monday, March 30, 2009

PJ's Birthday

We just waved goodbye to Mark & PJ Hayden of Wokingham England.   They enjoyed a holiday on the farm as a special birthday present for PJ.   Mark kept the trip secret and packed PJ's riding gear without her knowing.   Even as I stepped out of the house to greet them, PJ still had no idea what was in store for her!

Mark had planned this trip specifically for PJ's birthday, with a focus on horseback riding.   PJ is just getting back into riding after a long hiatus.   So lots of time was spent with the horses.   We even got to use the outdoor arena for the first time this spring.   (Only a small amount of snow still remains.)

Riding Jeddien, our 4th Level / Advanced Medium Dressage mare, PJ got to work on all the lateral movements, flying changes, and piaffe.   They also popped over a few jumps, which Jeddien thoroughly enjoyed.

However, life at Kearsarge Meadows is not just about horses!

The Hayden's helped Georg and I with the hard work of collecting sap, chopping wood, boiling the sap, filtering, bottling, and of course, in the end, taste testing the homemade maple syrup.   And since this past weekend was the official New Hampshire Maple Sugaring Weekend, we visited 4 different sugaring operations.   Fun.   Educational.   And a nice way to meet some of the local people of Warner.

Over the course of the visit, we feasted on New England fare of "lobstah", "steamahs", and champagne, fabulous prime rib, locally raised buffalo from Keira & Brian Farmer's own
Yankee Farmer's Market in Warner, and brunch at the Foothills Restaurant in the center of town.

With crappy "English weather" on Saturday, Mark & Georg headed to Best Buy in Manchester while PJ & I travelled to Dover Saddlery.   Much to my delight, when we arrived back to the farm, Pink Floyd was playing on new speakers in the indoor arena.   My long awaited sound system will soon be installed.   Yippee!

PJ and Mark will soon be back in the UK.   We look forward to their next trip to Warner...   a trip for which PJ will once again be allowed pack her own luggage!   :-)

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