Monday, March 16, 2009

Mud Season Begins

Suddenly, it seems like there's lots happening all at once!

We have the perfect weather from a maple sugarer's perspective.   Freezing temps at night, mild days.   The sap is running!   And we've already boiled our first batch of liquid gold!

Of course with the milder days, so begins New England's 5th season:   "Mud Season".   Before it gets into full swing, we had my Miley horse trailer uncovered & extracted from the snow today.   Hitched up, we're now doing loading practice with some of the horses.   More work will follow tomorrow.

And two new employees started today.   I think as the winter blues melt away, working on a horse farm becomes much more appealing to real horse lovers.

With the temps now easier on both horse & rider, we are getting back into serious riding again.   Our first dressage competition is less than 5 weeks away, but we will be ready.   Training here includes "hacking" up and down the driveway and through any snow that is not too deep!

Clipping the competition horse's coat will be done this week.   And midweek, all of the horses will be getting their spring vaccinations and other veterinary attention needed at this time of year.

And new chicks will be ordered, replacing those lost by the killer fox.

As the snow continues to melt, the garden area will appear.   It won't be until the last week of May that anything will go into the ground.   But the crops that take the longest to grow can be started indoors... Right about now.   The seeds, pots, and seed starter soil is ready to go!   So, another thing to do!

It's been a busy little week!   And it's only Monday. :-)

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