Friday, July 22, 2011

HHHH - Hot Hazy Humid & Horses

It's the middle of summer. Seems like only a few weeks ago we were wondering where to pile the latest snow. Today, it's threatening to hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the relative humidity / dew point level is categorized as "Oppressive" by the meterologists, and we have hazy skies from the weather AND thanks to smoke drifting in from forest fires in Ontario, Canada. It's not the most pleasant weather New England has to offer. Especially if you work outdoors.

Yesterday - another blazingly hot day - and today, our morning staff arrived earlier than usual. Instead of keeping the horses in their stalls for their leisurely breakfasts, we put them straight out to grass. The horses were out of the barn early, making their own decisions about sun vs shade, in the shed vs out of the shed, to roll or not to roll.

Meanwhile, the staff accomplished their work in record time. This morning, the barn was spotlessly clean before 10 am and our employees were able to go off and make their own decisions about how to cope with the building heat.

Today, the horses will probably all have the day off. Tonight, if things cool down, some may get ridden. But for now, man and beast simply need to ride out the day, and the HHH weather, in their own ways.

Dare I say it..... Yes, I miss snow.

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