Saturday, July 10, 2010

Magnesium Chloride

There are few things worse for equestrians and equines than riding in a dry dusty arena.  Even with a mix of sand and rubber, the recent dry hot spell of weather has completely baked our outdoor 20x60 meter dressage arena, turning it into a mini dustbowl.  And that means either watering the arena or simply not using it until after the next rainfall.....


....applying magnesium chloride to the arena surface.

This month, we took delivery of 2400 pounds of Mag Flakes and spread it across the arena.  Within a couple of days, the mag "melted", absorbing moisture from the air, and holding that moisture in the sand.  The arena now looks like it has recently been watered.

Levelling and grooming the arena just before the application was horrible work, kicking up a dust cloud that we would not have allowed a horse to work in.  Levelling and grooming the arena after the Mag was in place resulted in NO DUST.  And riding in the arena a few days later (when the seven day long heatwave finally broke) was fabulous!  Not a bit of dust.  No coughs from horse or rider.  And the footing was more stable.   Very nice!

We've been loving the Mag indoors for over a year.   Now we're loving the Mag outdoors, too!

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