Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkins & Horses

The Courser Farm in Warner has tons of pumpkins for sale at their farm stand.   Prices are low and the pumpkins are lovely.   We've been purchasing lots of them, taking them home to split open for our turkeys and chickens to pick at.   They really enjoy the seeds and the flesh.

Today, just as a goof, we placed a pumpkin into one of the pastures.   It quickly turned into a toy for the horses.

Piper, our black 12 year old gelding, went after it first, quickly finding the stem and using it to lift the pumpkin off the ground.   Dropping it, it rolled away.   He and 3 year old Big Ben worked together to investigate, following it, and pushing it around a bit.

Soon, Piper returned to nibbling on grass.   But Ben, a youngster who loves to play, kept himself thoroughly amused for quite some time, moving the pumpkin around with his nose and his feet.

Tomorrow, more pumpkins will be purchased.   But instead of thinking just in terms of tasty food for the birds, we'll be looking for pumpkins that roll really well and have strong stems.

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