Friday, September 25, 2009

Something to Crow About

We have a new rooster.   He's a real beauty and won a Blue Ribbon for his breeder at the Hopkinton State Fair earlier this month.   We admired him and purchased him on the spot.

Big Red is a young bird and had a bit of a time getting to know our hens.   The younger ones befriended him fairly quickly, but the older hens beat the...., well, let's just say he was at the bottom of the hen pecking order for a week or more.

This week, Big Red has been making some interesting noises.   We could tell something was up!   And sure enough, this morning, he CROWED!   Not once.   Not twice.   No, he has been trying out his new voice for the past half hour.

It's a proud little moment on the farm.   Our young rooster has learned to crow!

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