Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Ben is 3 Years Old Today

Today was Ben's 3rd birthday.

As planned, it was a Milestone Day, with Ben being ridden for real for the first time.   He has been sat upon a couple times in the past and led around with a rider.   But today was a different.   Today, Ben stood on his own to be mounted and then walked around a bit without being on a lead.

While he is still learning about steering and "Go & Whoa" aids from the ground, he did a super good job nonetheless today.   And the best part, he was never stressed out by the session.

Sigh.   Late at night 3 years ago, a tall leggy foal entered the world and our lives.   Tonight, a young riding horse sleeps in his stall.   We could not be prouder of our big KWPN Dutch Warmblood boy.

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